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An open letter from journalists worldwide in support of media colleagues in Belarus who report on the protests:


We, journalists and editors around the world, wish to express our support for fellow journalists in Belarus who are faithfully and independently reporting on the demonstrations by thousands of people in favor of democracy in the country, and on the right of the people to freedom of expression.


We support all journalists in Belarus who abide by the International principles of journalism and objective reporting, and we respectfully ask those working for state-owned media to faithfully cover the protests. We also recognise the heroic efforts of journalists to date, in strikes and protests in the course of their work. 


The right of every citizen to quality information is a fundamental right.


States must guarantee free access to public information and data. All journalists sign up to these principles when they become journalists. 


This is a pivotal moment in the history of Belarus. There may be risks to you personally from the current situation, and we recognize how hard it may be to do your jobs. And no journalist should be harassed, threatened, censored, jailed, or murdered because of their profession.


But journalism only makes sense if it serves the citizen.  


The people of Belarus will owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude as you do your job faithfully and professionally. 


Now, more than ever, your public service is important. 


Therefore, we the undersigned, wish to support you and show solidarity as you protect and strengthen media freedom and independent journalism in Belarus by reporting on the current protests sweeping the country. As colleagues, we wholeheartedly support you in these efforts. 

Signatories include:

Ricardo Gutierrez, General Secretary of The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)

• Oliver Milman, Journalist, The Guardian

Iain Overton, Journalist & the first managing editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Alex Matthews, Journalist, Deutsche Welle

Nina Schick, Journalist & Author of “Deep Fakes: The coming Infocalypse”


(To sign this letter please add yourself via this form, with a link to your twitter handle, job title and, if possible, media outlet)

You can support the pro-democracy movements via these sites:
Belarus Solidarity Foundation

Support the victims of protests

Follow @journalists4bel and #journalistsforbelarus on Twitter.




Ian Betteridge, Technology journalist
Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large,TechCrunch

Peter Dykes, Editor

Daniel Garrun, Editor, GlobalData network

Shona Ghosh, Technology journalist

Ricardo Gutierrez, General Secretary of The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)

Vaughn Highfield, Journalist

Lucy Ingham, Editor-in-Chief Verdict

James Kelly, Regional Editor

Alan Martin, Freelance journalist

David Meyer, Journalist

Maya Middlemiss, Freelance Journalist

Oliver Milman, Journalist, The Guardian

Sebastian Moss, Technology journalist, DCD

Ian Murphy, Editor, Enterprise Times

Iain Overton, Journalist & the first managing editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Miriam Partington, Reporter

Linh Nguyễn, Journalist

Stewart Rogers, Managing Editor, Grit Daily

Robert Scammell, Technology journalist, Verdict

Russ Swan, Journalist

Nina Schick, Journalist & Author of “Deep Fakes: The coming Infocalypse”

Jessica Twentyman, Journalist

Sonia Zhuravlyova, Magazine journalist

Jim Gardner, Telecommunications

Jacob Colley, Senior Reporter, News & Star (Carlisle)

Edmund West, Freelance journalist, British Deaf News

Rob Byrne Freelance journalist 

Michael Nelson, Freelance Journalist

Jemima Kiss, Freelance journalist

Robin Wauters, Founding Editor,

Caroline Harrap, Journalist

Grahame Lynch, Founder editor, Commsday

Ruari McCallion, Editor, UK Manufacturing Review, 

Brajesh Kumar Chhotan, Citizen reporter

Cate Lawrence, Technology journalist

Kevin Cahill, Editor in Chief/Bureau Chief, Global & Western News

Sarah Neal, Magazine editor

Charlotte Jee, Reporter, MIT Technology Review 

Dorian Lynskey, Journalist/author/podcaster, Remainiacs podcast

Helene Bienvenu, Freelance journalist (Le Figaro, The New York Times...)

Laura Oliver, Freelance journalist

Paula Kennedy, Editor, European Journalism Observatory

Seán Maffett, Freelance broadcast journalist, BBC, ITV

Tina Bettels-Schwabbauer, online editor

William Howat, Editor, Larkhall Echoes

Alesia Sidliarevich, Associate Editor, Debtwire

Emma Guy, Investigative Reporter, The Canary

Alex Matthews, Journalist, Deutsche Welle

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